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翻译如下 赛马 racing; racehorse; horse race; horse racing; the sport of kings都可以 例句 她热爱马匹和赛马。 She is a great lover of horses and horse racing

turies horses have been one of the most economically important domesticated animals, especially relied upon for farmwork and for transportation. Their importance declined following the introduction of mechanization. The history...

Urheen tune "Horse racing"

马术表演,速度赛的英文翻译_百度翻译 马术表演,速度赛 Equestrian performance 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译

赛马喜欢吃什么? 可翻译为: What do racehorses like eating? They like eating grass.

I haven't finished bin, tian stared at him and said, "you also are sarcastic!" Sun bin, said: "I am not sarcasm you, you again with him once, I have the way to make you win." Tian confused look bin: "you are to say another few ...

As a detective, must be sharp eyes and six Road, alert, but also remember all the details. They have to pay attention to the weather, people wear shoes, women on the flower hat, Men clothes pocket a box of matches. They must be...

The Tune of Urheen HorseRacing and Its Musical Analysis

现代赛马运动起源于英国,其竞赛方法和组织管理远比古代赛马先进和科学,比赛形式也发展为平地赛马、障碍赛马、越野赛马、轻驾车比赛和接力赛马等不同种类。 平地赛马多数在场内进行,跑道长度多在1000米至2000米之间。比赛类似田径的中长跑,分...

你好,Story of Tian Ji horse racing


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